Our mission is to serve every community, with respect and dignity, and to do so with honor, integrity and pride under all circumstances. To encourage health and safety among equine enthusiasts mounted and non-mounted.​

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OMSSU deploys for the following services:

OSARVA Affiliates  

Community relations and safety events

Drill Team Performances 

Help our Drill Team get to The National Mounted Police Horse Colloquium held at the Kentucky Horse Park in September of 2019, where we will be representing Canada!!!

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OMSSU have worked very hard to learn and perform a drill composed by a Police Agency. We are proud to say that it did not go unnoticed and we have been asked to perform in Kentucky at the Mounted Police Horse Colloquium! Help us get there by donating; or purchase one of our raffle tickets to win an amazing prize! Contact an OMSSU today! 



We are very fortunate to have highly trained instructors from the Mounted Police Agencies and other Certified Coaches. 

Our Training Agenda

OMSSU individuals complete mandatory training every year at Service Horse School. Training varies, however, targeted training takes place at other locations.


All OMSSU horses are tested with their riders every year. Each Horse and rider are a team. If the rider is to change horses then they must retest with that new horse. They must complete and pass the tests with an 85% average or higher in order to be available in public Unit events. Tests are run each year at our mandatory Service Horse School by our instructors. 

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