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OMSSU is changing the way people view safety.

Who We Are.

OMSSU is changing the way people view safety. There is a gap between community needs and safety that can be provided that grows larger each year. Our Mounted Safety Officers strive to fill the gap by ​working with authorities at your event or in your community. Whether you need safety services for your event, community, home, or business - safety solutions provided by OMSSU Mounted Safety Officers are tailored to your needs. 

Our Unit is made up of full time/part time Mounted Safety Officers and Volunteers; each team member has met the requirements and accepted the responsibilities as outlined in the Terms of Reference. There is a chain of command; Director, Deputy Director, Unit Leaders/Training Officers and elected Board of Director Positions.

OMSSU Officers Marie Beard and Lisa Rath in attendance with the RCMP Musical Ride at the 2022 Lindsay Ex.

The training and dedication that goes into producing a suitable Mounted Safety Officer and Unit Horse takes a special commitment and willingness to prioritize the needs of others. 

This is not a saddle club, but a group of professionally trained horse people volunteering many hours, days, and weeks out of the year to provide a service to Communities under auspices of Ontario Mounted Special Service Unit (OMSSU) and other Agencies. They do this willingly and with pride with what they have become.

The Ontario Mounted Special Service Unit directs focus on Community Safety Support and Educational Programs. OMSSU hosts a Service Horse School every year within Ontario, where all Mounted/Support Safety Officers and Horses must rectify while training in different areas with Mounted Police Officers from other Agencies. Level One Training must be passed before any OMSSU Officer can become a part of the unit to engage in further training. Currently an 90% and over must be achieved. 

Who We Are - Ontario Mounted Special Service Unit

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OMSSU Mounted Safety Officers are professionally trained to observe from horseback with a strong emphasis on costumer service. Our Mounted Safety Officers are expected to be courteous, have a working knowledge of your event, and provide information to those in need. Our Mounted Safety Officers and horses are highly visible at your event wearing a clean and crisp uniform that invites respect - offering a friendly presence.



OMSSU offers equestrian seminars throughout the year. New to our 2023 service is the educational centre which will include demonstration of our two air scent tracking horses along with safety for the entire family. The above is taught by two OCT certified teachers and operated on site at the OMSSU Command Centre.


Scent tracking horses are trained to a high degree for locating lost individuals and products. This service is available for events and private individuals. To find out more about this program and how it can assist you, please contact OMSSU.