Ontario Mounted Special Service Unit

Meet Our Team


Who We Are

The Ontario Mounted Special Service Unit (OMSSU) is a mounted equestrian group in Ontario. Each member has met the requirements and accepted the responsibility of volunteering their time and efforts to organize and further develop the unit. We currently have 28 riding members who engage in various activities.

All our service horses must get certified on a yearly basis through level testing. Level One training must be passed before any horses and riders can become part of the unit to engage in further training. We also host a Service Horse School every year where all members attend and train together with mounted police officers from other agencies.

The training and dedication that go into producing a suitable OMSSU horse take special commitment and willingness to prioritize the needs of others. We are not a saddle club but a group of professionally trained horse people who volunteer many hours, days, and weeks out of the year to provide services to communities. 

Board of Directors

Cindy Fuerth

M‚Äčarie Beard

Deputy Director

[email protected] 

Sharon Kingsbury

Training Officer

[email protected] 

Captain Liz Blonde

Kelli OConnell

Training Officer (East) 

Wendy Heffernan (Accounting)

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