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Ontario Mounted Special Service Unit

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Phone: 613-334-1292

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Executive CEO/ General Manager

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Sgt. Dr. Julie Corkett

Executive Director of Corporate Operations

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Executive Director of Recruitment

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Executive Director of Corporate  Finance

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Media & Public Relations

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OMSSU is changing the way people view safety. There is a gap between community needs and safety that can be provided grows larger every year. Our mounted safety officers strive to fill the gap working with authorities at your event or in your community. Whether you need safety services for your event, community, home or business, safety solutions provided by  OMSSU mounted safety offices are tailored to your needs.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority! 

The Unit is made up of full time/part time Mounted Safety Officers and Volunteers; each team member has met the requirements and accepted the responsibilities as outlined in the Terms of Reference. There is a chain of command, Director, Deputy Director, Unit Leaders/Training Officers and elected Director Positions.

The training and dedication that goes into producing a suitable Mounted Safety Officer & Horse takes a special commitment and a willingness to prioritize the needs of others. 

This is not a saddle club, but a group of professional trained horse people volunteering many hours, days and weeks out of the year to provide a service to Communities under the auspices of Ontario Mounted Special Service Unit (OMSSU) and other Agencies. They do this willingly and with pride with what they have become.

The Ontario Mounted Special Service Unit directs the focus on Community Safety Support and educational programs.

 OMSSU host a Service Horse School every year in Ontario, where all Safety Support Officers and horse must recertify while  training in different areas with Mounted Police Officers from other Agencies. Level One training must be passed before any OMSSU Officer can become a part of the unit to engage in further training. Currently an 80% and over must be achieved.

OMSSU Officers attend the Mounted Police Colloquium in Lexington Kentucky on a regular basis, opening the Colloquium in September 2019, with the Canadian Cavalry Precision Ride. In 2019 OMSSU trained and competed finishing 1st and 2nd in pairs obstacle and in the top 8 in equitation . 


"Our mission is serve every Community with respect and dignity, and to do so with honor, integrity, and pride under all circumstances. To Encourage health and safety among equine enthusiasts mounted and non mounted."


"Shaping the future for all communities through Mounted Safety Support"

 Our Team.