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Ontario Mounted Special Service Unit

Head Office

6855 Hwy 620

Coe Hill, Ontario K0L 1P0

Phone: 613-334-1292

Email: [email protected]

Cindy Fuerth

Executive CEO/ General Manager

[email protected]


Sgt. Dr. Julie Corkett

Executive Director of Corporate Operations

[email protected]

Sgt.Suzy Bender

Executive Director of Recruitment

[email protected]

Sgt. Wendy Heffernan

Executive Director of Corporate  Finance

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Josie Rowling

Media & Public Relations

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Why Choose Us

 Visibility  is the number one reason  our Mounted Ranger Safety Officers can clearly as they are sitting 12 feet in the air. Each Mounted Ranger Safety Officer is equipped with communication devices to rapidly contact officials at your event. . The presence of our Mounted Ranger Safety Officers provides  a peace of mind and a icon for individuals who may require assistance. Mounted Ranger Safety Patrol is your eyes and ears !

How many Mounted Rangers will we need?

One Mounted Ranger for every thousand visitors is a standard calculation .  One Mounted Ranger/horse combination can equal up to 10 security staff on foot in terms of patrol, thus your overall security costs may be reduced. A detailed patrol route including emergency procedures is  designed for your event, which will include the number of Mounted Rangers over an eight hour shift. 

Who do we hire?

Hiring is a timely process, each successful candidate must be community safety driven and have the horse power to carry out the job. Backgrounds as first responders, who have good horsemanship skills is the start. The process begins with application, then a screening  process, followed by a 90 percentile pass in effective riding formations, crowd management, vehicle escort, sensory and obstacle management, radio procedures, and other patrol techniques. Those who do not achieve the 90 percentile have the opportunity to attend the next training testing school.

What do I expect?

Our expectation's are paramount , so should yours - all guidelines and appearance are exactly what the Standards Operating Manual states. Following our procedures, conduct and appearance for both Mounted Ranger Safety Officer and horse.  Uniforms feature a  grey military-style shirt or gold and black polo shirt, depending on the event. All Mounted Rangers wear a certified helmet, shirts, riding pants, duty belt, black field boots or black paddock boots,  nametag, knife and flashlight. Horse equipment includes halter/ bridle combination, reins, saddle and fittings, OMSSU cover pad, saddle bags (depending), breast collar, gold neck rope and reflective wraps.

Is OMSSU Insured?

Yes! OMSSU carries Workers’ Compensation and Employee Liability, General Liability Insurance. Each Mounted Ranger carries their own OE coverage. Amounts are adjusted appropriately for the event/venue.

What do  we need to provide?

 1.Parking for trucks and trailers with access to potable water for horses and space for portable stables if needed, regualar stalls are perferred

2. A venue radio for command center

3. Assigned area for disposal of waste from horses

4. All Mounted Rangers are self contained, hydro access for trailers or some power source

5. If a meal is assigned, coverage for one meal per day

What is my cost?

Most clients prefer an hourly rate. We do offer an a` la carte rate where certain services can be added or deleted. Please contact us for rate consultation that will suit your needs.

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